Projects for category: webaccess


Mobile Device Management Plugin

The MDM plugin allows users to administrate their own mobile devices over the Webaccess.

Sebastian 3462 days ago


Z-Merge Archive

The Z-Merge Archive plugin allows you to archive E-Mails from the Zarafa Webaccess to other systems.

Zarafa User 3462 days ago


Zarafa/Jira Integration

The Zarafa/Jira integration consists on a two way functionality: creating Jira issues from the Webaccess and inserting due dates into the calendar of responsible user.

catWorkX 3462 days ago


SugarCRM integration

SugarCRM is an Costumer-Relationship-Management system.

Manfred Kutas 3462 days ago


WebAccess spam filter integration

The dspam plugin allows you to train your spam filter in case of false positives or negatives. All spam filters are supported that provide a command line tool for training.

Holger 3462 days ago


Zarafa WebAccess - S/MIME plugin

The Zarafa WebAccess S/MIME plugins allows you to send and receive signed and encrypted emails. For the signing and encryption the plugin will use the Firefox certificate system.

Zarafa User 3462 days ago