Projects for category: webaccess


conceptERP Zarafa Plugin

Zarafa Plugin to store eMails from any Zarafa-Mailfolder in the conceptERP Content-Module

mm-concept 2252 days ago


Google Authenticator integration for WebAccess / WebApp

This project describes how to use the Google soft-token authentication system together with Zarafa WebAccess and/or WebApp.

Mark Sartor 2397 days ago


Yubikey Zarafa authentication integration

This project extends the Zarafa WebAccess with a two factor authentication based on Yubikey

Milo Oostergo 2629 days ago


Spreed integration plug-in for Zarafa Webaccess

Set up Spreed meetings with people involved in an e-mail conversation directly from Zarafa Webaccess

Ivo Timmermans 2645 days ago


Firefox app tab notifier

Firefox extension that allows user notifications

Steve Hardy 2651 days ago


Zarafa WebAccess - S/MIME plugin

A webaccess plugin that allows you to sign and encrypt emails in the webbaccess (firefox only)

Robin 2776 days ago


White theme

A white Zarafa theme.

Zarafa User 2823 days ago


Dark theme

A Zarafa Dark theme

Zarafa User 2823 days ago


Orange theme

An orange Zarafa theme.

Zarafa User 2823 days ago


Passwd Plugin

The Passwd Plugin allows the user to change his password inside of Webaccess. It integrates in the settings dialog of each user.

Andreas 2823 days ago