Projects for category: tools


Simple Zarafa Inbox Viewer

Simple Python script which shows the content of the Zarafa inbox. Educational project.

Valentin Höbel 2896 days ago


Outlook Profile Tools

Outlook Profiles are easy to handle. At least if only a few users in an organization will need to get help by the IT-support staff to set them up. "Outlook Profile App" and "Outlook Profile Mechanics" can help to lower the administration effort.

Dirk 3011 days ago


confighelper script for Zarafa updates

It shows new or deprecated configuration options to make updates easier

Marco Gabriel 3094 days ago



A toolbox full of shell scripts around Zarafa

Felix Bartels 3095 days ago


MBox / Maildir importer

python script that can import your MBox files and Maildir directories

John 3312 days ago


Zarafa Zabbix statistics

A template for Zabbix to monitor Zarafa

AccelCloud 3335 days ago


Zarafa python tools

Two simple python tools for Zarafa

Steve Hardy 3350 days ago


Summercamp 2011 Python session scripts

At summercamp 2011, there was a session on creating python scripts. This project contains the results of that session.

Steve Hardy 3364 days ago


Dupe-Check and Purge for Zarafa

deletes duplicate messages/items from a user store

alex 3381 days ago