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Webmin integration

Webmin is a webbased tool for server administration.

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


Passwd Plugin

The Passwd Plugin allows the user to change his password inside of Webaccess. It integrates in the settings dialog of each user.

Andreas 3468 days ago


Arkeia Backup integration

Arkeia Software was the first company to offer a professional network backup solution for Linux environments.

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


Mobile Device Management Plugin

The MDM plugin allows users to administrate their own mobile devices over the Webaccess.

Sebastian 3468 days ago


Collax LDAP & Management integration

Collax is an integrated server platform for easy deployment at end customers.

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


MailID cryptography integration

MailID encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email and can even sign the outgoing email.

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


SEP Backup integration

SEP is a leading pioneer in network-wide and cross platform data availability software. Since 1992 SEP has developed industry-leading technology for data security and has integrated this into one of the fastest and most reliable data backup solutions

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


Z-Merge replication framework

The Z-Merge framework allows you to connect your Zarafa server with any other system dealing with the similar kind of information.

Manfred Kutas 3468 days ago


Z-Merge Archive

The Z-Merge Archive plugin allows you to archive E-Mails from the Zarafa Webaccess to other systems.

Zarafa User 3468 days ago


Zarafa/Jira Integration

The Zarafa/Jira integration consists on a two way functionality: creating Jira issues from the Webaccess and inserting due dates into the calendar of responsible user.

catWorkX 3468 days ago