Developer Overview

Contributions to the ZCP

If you have created an improvement in the Zarafa software or would like to contribute to the Zarafa project. Please send an email to [email protected].
For code contributions Zarafa has a contribution agreement to make sure all code will be published in the Zarafa AGPLv3 license.

For questions about development see also the development section in our forum.

Development Resources

Developer Documentation


What kind of files can I upload to the Zarafa Project Directory?

Currently you can only upload files with one of the following file types: *.zip, *.tar.gz, *.tgz. In addition to this we also allow uploads with the extension .pdf and .url.

How can I create a *.url file?

To create a *.url file just put your desired link (including http://) into an empty textfile an save it as yourlink.url. The file must not contain any additional text or text lines!

My projects exceeds the file upload limit, what can I do?

At the moment there are no plans to raise the file limit to support uploads bigger than 5MB. If you still want to provide such a big download and have no webspace of your own, we encourage you to register your project for example at SourceForge or alternatively Google Code and use their excellent services for providing your download. This then can either be done by creating a *.url file pointing directly to your individual download or to the download directory itself.

Where do I find the Zarafa source code?

The Zarafa source code can be download on, where for every version a source code directory is available.

How can I build the Zarafa source code?

For more information about building the Zarafa source code, see