Zarafa 7.0.0 and z-push 1.5.3 fully available on openSuSE

July 2, 2011 by Mike   Comments (1)

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Hi all,

as promised on #zarafasc the split packages for Zarafa 7 are now available on the OBS. Just go ahead and try to use zarafa on the most recent versions of openSUSE (including Factory):

Installation Instructions for a fully featured ZCP (as root):

# zypper ar
# zypper in zarafa-server zarafa-dagent zarafa-spooler zarafa-monitor zarafa-ical zarafa-gateway zarafa-indexer zarafa-webaccess zarafa-webaccess-mobile

With these two commands all dependencies are resolved and automatically installed. Please take care to have the default repositories enabled in you openSUSE (by default), as components such as libmysqlclient are needed as well (if not already installed). SLES 10 Packages (as requested by some at #zarafasc) are not available due to some dependency issues which we will fix in the near future.

Z-push 1.5.3 has been included as well. There will be an additional package z-push-alpha pretty soon for any developers to test z-push 2.0 presented by Sebastian on #zarafasc. When available, I'll comment here. For now z-push is available on any SUSE-based platform beginning with SLES 10.

For installation of z-push simply install with (and repositories enabled as above):

# zypper in z-push

A very big thanks also to Jan Engelhardt who has done tremendous work (and some package relevant patches) on this as well and also made this whole thing possible.


- mike


Thanks to Mike and Jan that this step is finally done.

reg. Helmuth

Helmuth Neuberger 3397 days ago