New Zarafa Mail Checker for Firefox

December 29, 2011 by Felix Bartels   Comments (0)

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The Zarafa Mail Checker is a small add-on for the Firefox webbrowser, which was developed internally some years ago. As the initial developer isn't with Zarafa anymore internal development has stopped and it is unfortunately not compatible with recent versions of Firefox.

But thanks to the community someone has picked up the project and added a few fixes and extended compatability. As the developer didnt react on my mail asking to publish here, I take the opportunity to direct some more web-traffic to his project. The project site is currently only available in german.

Here is the changelog:

  • 1.1.2-2.beta
    • Kompatibel bis Firefox 9.0.1
    • Kontextmenüeintrag "Neue Mail" hinzugefügt
    • Kleine Korrektur in der deutschen Lokalisierung
  • - Zweite Betaversion. Kompatibel bis Firefox 8.0.0. Kleine Korrekturen in der deutschen Lokalisierung.
  • - Erste Betaversion. Kompatibel bis Firefox 7.0.1. Erste Version der deutschen Lokalisierung hinzugefügt.

It can be downloaded freely at: