Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.3 final

November 17, 2011 by Robin   Comments (0)

Dear Zarafa community,

We are pleased to announce the release of ZCP 7.0.3 final. In this releas we included all fixes for outlook 2010 in the Zarafa outlook client. This means you can use outlook 2010 without the comatibilty package. This final release also includes the fix for the latest update of Outlook 2010.

For the other 100 + fixes please check our change log:

You can find the download here:

All freedback is welcomed very much, please use our forum for this.

Kind regards,

Zarafa QA

Some highlighted fixes:

Fix: [ZCP-8139] - Support for forward as inline email rule.
Fix: [ZCP-8417] - Send email to emailaddress which contains space will fail.
Fix: [ZCP-8432] - Zarafa-server may hang after TERM signal.
Fix: [ZCP-8421] - Receive timeout too low for some XML requests.
Fix: [ZCP-8704] - Forward flag is visible for all users when delivering email to group, where one user has a forward rule.
Fix: [ZCP-8714] - Allow limiting of the number of search results for the indexer
Fix: [ZCP-8723] - MR Autoresponder to book resources from outlook 2010. (A script that responds on behalf of the resource)
Fix: [ZCP-8679] - Merge OL2010 compat code to the normal Zarafa Outlook client.
Fix: [ZCP-8057] - Unable to use the autopick button when resource is added.
Fix: [ZCP-8290] - Server without public is unable to sync.
Fix: [ZCP-8735] - OL2010: Conversation mode does not show mails
Fix: [ZCP-8527] - Popup appears when using Ctrl + Enter shortcut in html mode in Firefox.
Fix: [ZCP-8536] - Possible to assign a task without a recipient.
Fix: [ZCP-8537] - Replying to a mail with an inline attachment shows inline.txt in the body.
Fix: [ZCP-8584] - webaccess doesn't recognize mimetypes of attachments of items imported from a PST.
Fix: [ZCP-8588] - Feature: Support in webaccess to create a rule forward as inline attachment.