Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0 RC2

June 10, 2011 by Robin   Comments (0)

Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleases to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 7.0 RC2.

With this release we tried to improve on the RC1 release to create a stable version. The main focus was to fix all
reported bugs. This version only contains bug fixes and no new features.

We enabled offline database upgrades (offline Outlook cache). Offline database will be upgraded on the first first start with the new
Zarafa outlook client.

You can find the download and the change log here:

We highly appreciate all feedback here on our forums.

Kind regards,

Zarafa QA and Testing.

Some highlighted fixes:
=== Backend ===
Fix: #7299              640-700 Full upgrade path tool.
Fix: #7443              Blackberry not working after migration to ZCP 7.
Fix: #7637              Companies are not automatically created.
Fix: #7600              Installer should disable imap feature when gateway isn't selected to run.
Fix: #7615              Indexer skips other users after a user with an error.
Fix: #7580              BES resolve breaks sometimes.
Fix: #7525              SQL Failed: Out of range value adjusted for column 'val_ulong'.

=== Outlook ===
Fix: #7653              High chars in body appointment are gone when appointment is made in outlook.
Fix: #7617              During offline upgrade procedure, email will stay in Outbox even when you are working online.
Fix: #7614              Make text in offline upgrade dialogs dynamic, so zarafa OEM vendors can have their own name like all other dialogs.
Fix: #7579              Initial sync OL offline slows down after fast start.
Fix: #7596              Store size out of sync when saving deleted messages.

=== Webaccess ===
Fix: #7008              Entering data with a space in the address details of a contact will make it shift up.
Fix: #7104              proposed new time not shown in scheduling tab.
Fix: #7161              Recurrence is reset after editing the series without updating the time/date.
Fix: #7251              Webaccess no longer refreshes the message pane.
Fix: #7431              Archive icon switches back to unread while in the folder.
Fix: #7479              Can not add more than 20 attachments in webaccess.