Introduction into Zarafa during FUDCon Pune, India

November 3, 2011 by Robert Scheck   Comments (2)

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I am going to give an introduction talk about the Zarafa Collaboration Platform during the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) in Pune, India. I will talk about its architecture and structure, its features, some future plans and how users and developers can contribute to it. Aside from that, I also would like to have a discussion about wanted or interesting features.

  • Location: Room 10 (Electrical)
  • Venue: College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), India
  • Date/Time: 2011-11-05 1:00 pm

The FUDCon itself takes place from 2011-11-04 to 2011-11-06 with lots of other talks, sessions and various hackfests. More information about this talk and the other talks taking place at FUDCon can be found at the FUDCon India website. FUDCon is free for anyone to attend, but please register before.

It would be awesome to see you in my talk!

Photo from the talkIn the meantime, I am safely back at home here in Germany again. It was an awesome FUDCon in India and with more than 400 attendees over 3 days the largest one that has ever taken place so far. Really a pity if you missed it!

About 30 people attended my talk last Saturday during FUDCon Pune. The photo (thanks to Jörg who took it) doesn't show it, but the room was quite good filled.

Questions ranged from the (missing) integration of Zarafa into Evolution via MAPI, over flexibility of the LDAP schema to a failover scenario with the Zarafa Spooler and the MTA.

Scalability and the maximum users at a single Zarafa server were of course also a topic. Some questions regarding the in the past existing Zarafa instance within the infrastructure of the Fedora Project were raised, too. That instance no longer exists, because it was a try to find a solution for the Fedora Calendar Project, but they are still lacking requirements what they are looking for... ;-)

Robert Scheck 3363 days ago