Z-Push 1.5.3 final released

May 27, 2011 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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the final version of Z-Push 1.5.3 was released at 26.05.2011. It is identical to Z-Push 1.5.3RC-627 (only the version and build number were updated).

This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5. It is recommended for all Zarafa users which extensively use meeting requests on their mobiles.
It is also recommended for the IMAP backend users as it fixes some issues regarding forwarding emails.

Changes since 1.5.2

- fixed: Sending attachments from Nokia may result in empty file at recipient (Mantis #451)

- fixed: Android 2.2 displays emails as priority low which have NO priority (Mantis #439)
- fixed: Sometimes no notification is sent to organizer if meeting request is accepted on iPhone (Mantis #447)
- fixed: Attendees are not looked up correctly (Mantis #432)

IMAP backend
- fixed: forwarded non multipart/alternative emails in imap backend might be unreadable(Mantis #436)
- fixed: German characters are broken in a forwarded email (Mantis #430)
- fixed: Multipart/alternative email is not forwarded properly (Mantis #431)

Download here.

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