Changed naming conventions for Z-Push

May 27, 2011 by Sebastian   Comments (0)

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Hi Z-Push'ers,

we are using a differnet naming convention starting with the 1.5.3 release. From now on it will have the following structure:
z-push-[version]-{buildnr}.tar.gz and z-push-[version]-{buildnr} for the start folder inside the archive.

For example: z-push-1.5.3RC-627.tar.gz with the start folder z-push-1.5.3RC-627 in it.

The final version won't have any tag.

For example: z-push-1.5.3-685.tar.gz with the start folder z-push-1.5.3-685 in it.

We believe that this will make the upgrade process easier. When updating, please pay attention to the states of the state directory which have to be preserved.