ZCP 7.2.4 final is available; resolving stability issues

July 21, 2016 by Suyi  


A few weeks ago the downloads for ZCP versions 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 have been removed after we identified a memory leak that could potentially lead to instability, depending on the load of the server. The issue has been identified and fixed in ZCP 7.2.4, of which we released 2 release candidates in these last few weeks. These release candidates received quite some positive feedback.
There is one change between the RC2 and this final release: ZCP-13984 was reported on the community forum. Thank you all for providing us with feedback and input! The complete changelog for ZCP 7.2.4 is available here. If you plan to upgrade your ZCP server, we strongly advise you to upgrade to this final version.

Please note

We have received reports from our customers as well as from the community that in some cases with ADS as backend, their zarafa-server process could segfault. This was the case with ZCP 7.2.3 but due to it complex nature we were not able to reproduce and solve this matter before ZCP 7.2.4 More details can be found here. If you experience this issue, we urge to contact us directly and help us solve this matter.

Where can I download this new version?

The new packages are available via our download server. As always we appreciate your feedback, please contact us the forum or send an email to feedback [at] zarafa.com!