WebApp 2.2.0 final is available!

April 29, 2016 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

We’ve set a goal to make communication easier and faster, while providing a more enjoyable experience for the user. WebApp Zarafa's flagship client and it has made quite some big steps in the past couple of months, bringing us closer to that goal.

Today we are proud to announce the availability of the final release for WebApp 2.2.0. This new version introduces some very exciting changes, the most prominent of which is the new (themeable!) design, which enables users to handle their communication from a single interface. Together with improvements on the search toolbox, the new ‘basic’ shortcut type and a lot of other changes this is another release packed with features and we hope you are as happy with it as we are.

Please read through this announcement in its entirety, as there are some changes in dependencies that might affect you, as well as some required updates to add-ons and DeskApp that you need to install when updating to this new version of WebApp.

Show me the cool stuff!

New look & feel

WebApp 2.2.0 has gotten a complete design overhaul. The new design is ‘cleaner’: it is more consistent and provides more space for the content that matters. The new design can also be themed to fit your preferences. And we’ve provided a few examples:

WebApp themes

You can change colours and the logo, or go ‘all out’ and change anything you like!

Search toolbox improvements

As we already promised after the release of WebApp 2.1, we have continued to improve the advanced search feature in WebApp 2.2. Selecting your search filter requires less clicks, and you can filter for items with attachments or unread items.


Another new option is the ability to use multiple search tabs at the same time.

'Basic' shortcuts

Support for keyboard shortcuts was introduced in one of the first versions of WebApp and it provided two choices: on or off. We quickly learned that the ‘on’ setting, which introduced a large amount of shortcuts, conflicted with existing shortcuts (e.g. in browsers or other applications). We now introduce the new ‘basic’ setting that enables just the most frequently used shortcuts. The old ‘on’ setting has been renamed to ‘advanced’ – if you previously had shortcuts enabled the ‘advanced’ profile has been enabled.

And there's more...

  • Set a time span for Out of Office responses
  • Support for multiple search tabs
  • Integration features for DeskApp
  • Presence service for plug-in developers
  • Authentication service for plug-in developers

Important: PHP compatibility notification

Last year we shared that WebApp 2.2 or newer will require at least PHP 5.4 to be installed on your servers. At that time, this meant that support for Red Hat / CentOS 6 and SLES 11 SP3 would no longer be available.

We are happy that today we get to share some good news on that topic: with the release of ZCP 7.2.3 we introduced support for ‘Software Collections’ (SCLs) on RedHat / CentOS 6 and 7 as well as support for the ‘server:php’ repository available for SLES 11 SP3 users. Please note that if you want to use the SCLs or ‘server:php’ repositories you will need to make some configuration changes to the configuration of your package manager. For more details read the ZCP 7.2.3 final release announcement.

Please update plugins and DeskApp

The new authentication framework that WebApp 2.2.0 introduces also required changes in some plugins and DeskApp. This means that you will also have to update these applications if you have not done so already – the plugin packages have been made available at the same location as WebApp and the new version of DeskApp can be downloaded from the portal.

Where can I download the packages?

The packages are available for download from the download server. A changelog is also available.