WebApp 2.1.2 final is available

February 8, 2016 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

WebApp 2.1.2 final has arrived, providing the user with another stable maintenance release. The WebApp 2.1.0 final release introduced a lot of new features, such as infinite scrolling, advanced calendaring features and improved editing. Thanks to our customers and partners we were able to identify and resolve various issues as well as introduce improvements with this final maintenance release.

What changed since 2.1.1?

On November 19th we released the final of WebApp 2.1.1. Since then we have received great feedback which allowed us to solve various issues, such as p7m attachments disappearing, converting plain text to HTML with added spacing, WebApp being stuck on loading for some users and users not being able to access items from shared folders. A total of eightteen bugs has been fixed. Besides resolving various issues, we have also introduced improvements to WebApp. Examples are the inclusion of Norwegian Bokmal translations and marking WebApp's htaccess file as a configuration file so that changes to this file are not lost in the process of upgrading the WebApp packages.

Where can I get the new version?

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest available version as soon as possible. You can download the packages from our download server and the changelog is available here.

Please note: if you are currently running the ‘beta’ of Files 2.0/Files for Teams, do not install the Files packages included in this release – these are not compatible with the Files 2.0 beta packages.


You have ideas for a great new feature? Found an issue? We are more than happy to receive your feedback. Please post your feedback in the forum topic, or contact us through our support team with any questions!