Mobile Device Management 1.0 beta 2

January 22, 2016 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

Last month we introduced a first beta version of the new mobile device management plugin. It is developed based on user demand to gain more insight into and control of their mobile devices. The initial release allowed users to list all devices associated with an account on a Z-Push server, view their most recent connection time, resynchronize and even wipe the device remotely. In the weeks after the release we have listened closely to user feedback, which has enabled us to even further shape this plugin to user demands.

Mobile device management beta 2

The second beta focuses on two topics: bug fixes and usability. We understood that wiping a device requires additional verification. Therefore a mechanism was introduced, which requires the user to enter their password before a device can be completely wiped. We have also fixed various issues reported by our users which means configuration changes are now honored and removing a device now also removes the device from the connected devices list.

Where do I get the packages?

New packages are available on our download server. The changelog is also available there. The plugin is compatible with WebApp version 2.0 and newer.

Can I provide feedback?

We are always interested in your feedback! Contact our support team or drop your feedback on the forum!