A holiday present from Zarafa: WebApp 2.2.0 beta 1

December 22, 2015 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

We have been working on this for quite a while, and now we’re ready to share the first beta of WebApp 2.2.0 with you. In this first beta release, you will find a complete new look and feel of WebApp! It has a flat design, with a lot more space for the content that matters.

What can I expect from this beta release?

In this first beta release we’ve been working on the new design. We managed to complete around 80% of the intended changes. The login page, email section, calendar section and the settings screen are mostly complete. The other sections (like tasks and notes) will require some work. This also counts for the plugins: while most of the changes are ‘generic’ and do not need to be modified on a per-element basis, it is possible that some of the plugin screens are not fully compatible with the new design yet.

The new design works well in most of the supported browsers, with one exception: Safari on Mac OS the design has some quirks which will be ironed out in the next releases.

We also took the first steps towards improving WebApp performance. All icons are moved into a so-called ‘sprite’, a single file containing multiple icons. This reduces the number of HTTP requests to the WebApp server, therewith reducing overhead.

There will be more beta releases

This is the first beta release, making most of the new design available. We expect to have two more beta releases, which will contain new features such as setting a timespan for your out-of-office responder and of course quite a few performance improvements.

Where can I download the packages?

The packages are available for download from the download server. A changelog is also available.

How can I provide you with feedback?

Let our support teams know via the regular channels, contact [email protected] or drop your message in the forum topic.