File previewer 1.0 final is available

December 16, 2015 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

A new file previewer is coming to WebApp! It helps you to preview files like PDF, OpenOffice documents, images video’s and audio. Files can be downloaded or printed directly from the preview window. Zoom or rotate the content you are previewing and even go into presentation mode. After the recent beta release we are now releasing a final version of this plugin. Those of you familiar with the earlier versions of the previewer: the preview quality has been greatly enhanced, supports content selection and it will even display ‘tracked changes’ from ODF files.

Why is it released separately?

The last final release of Zarafa WebApp contains the ‘old’ file previewer. This package can be installed ‘on the side’. Just make sure you enable one or the other, not both. The next releases of WebApp will contain this new file previewer, while the old versions will be phased out.

How can I get the packages?

The packages are available on our download server. As this is the first release and there are no changes compared to the beta release, there is no changelog available. Please note that you will need to run at least WebApp 2.1 to use this new feature.