ZCP 7.2.1 final has been released!

October 31, 2015 by Suyi  


Hereby we release ZCP 7.2.1 final. Please read the announcement carefully as there are some points that needs to be taken into account before upgrading to ZCP 7.2.1.

Upgrading from 7.1 
If you upgrade your system from 7.1 to this release, you may notice that the zarafa-admin utility may not function accordingly, this is due to a bug in bash. Opening a new terminal resolves this issue.

Debian-based upgrade
Since RC1 we have changed the location of our ZCP utilities. Due to this change, administrators on Debian based systems are required to execute the following command to upgrade their system:

 dpkg --auto-deconfigure -i *.deb

RHEL-based upgrade
Due to an error in 7.2.0 final on RHEL based systems, administrators will experience issues when upgrading from the 7.2.0 final. One might notice the following line when upgrading from the 7.2.0 final:

Error in PREUN scriptlet in rpm package zarafa-server
zarafa-server- was supposed to be removed but is not!

This error will appear for multiple ZCP components.
The administrator need to execute the following command to remove the zarafa-server from his system (please make sure to back up your config files).

rpm -e --noscripts zarafa-server

Please repeat this step for the ZCP components that cannot be removed from the system.

Upgrade-safe offline profiles 
With the release of ZCP 7.2.0 it was not compatible to upgrade if you were using an offline profile. Users needed to re-create their profile if they were using an offline due to the incompatibility of the database backend for offline profiles. With the new client, we made it compatible to upgrade. So users do not need to create a new profile once they have upgraded. 

Future development
Zarafa-search file permissions

With this announcement we would also like to address the permission issue of the new zarafa-search. Currently it is not possible to run the zarafa-search process as a not root user. This will be address before the next final as the changes are rather invasive. More details can be found in ZCP-13329.

Where do I download this release? 
To download the supported binaries, you can find them in our portal, to get the source head over to the community download page. If you are interested in the background story, please read the announcement we made earlier. Also you can head over to our changelog to view all the changes.

Got feedback?
Please leave your feedback on our forums.