ZCP 7.1.14 final is available

October 22, 2015 by Suyi  


Today we will release ZCP 7.1.14 final. Only one change has been made since the ZCP 7.1.14 RC1.

This change was needed due to an outdated FCK-editor in WebAccess. This FCK-editor in the previous releases contained a security vulnerability. More information can be found in ticket ZCP-13581.

We would like to remind everyone that the support for WebAccess was already officially ended.

According to our Support Lifecyle policy document, ZCP 7.1 will be phased out in April next year. With this in mind, we have have only made a couple of changes since ZCP 7.1.13.

With the release of ZCP 7.1.14 RC1, we have introduced several fixes, one in particular is for the “to: address the attachment handling” issue that we communicated about last month on our portal.

Where do I download this release? 
To download the supported binaries, you can find them in our portal, to get the source head over to the community download page. If you are interested in the background story, please read the announcement we made earlier. Also you can head over to our changelog to view all the changes.

Got feedback?

Please leave your feedback on our forums.