October 2, 2015 by Suyi  

Hi community,

Last week we announceon our portal an issue with attachment handling and promised to do a release this week to address. Besides this urgent issue, we have also included a small set of other changes. These changes are the following:

ZCP-13572 - CVE-2015-6566 - zarafa-autorespond suffers from a potential local privilege escalation
ZCP-13087 - Meeting requests are not being sent with Thunderbird Lightning due to new functionality
ZCP-13608 - Attachments are missing in the Sent items folder when using a cache profile
ZCP-13243 - user_safe_mode falsely reports that it would delete users

To see which changes has been made, please check the changelog of the 7.1 branch.
All of these changes were already in the latest 7.2.1 release and have been confirmed by partners and users to be resolved.

Where do I download this release?
To download the supported binaries, you can access our portal, to view the source, you can access our community download page. If you are interested in the background story, please read the following announcement we made earlier.

Got feedback?
please leave your feedback on our forums.