Be productive with the final release of WebApp 2.1.0

September 29, 2015 by Bob Huisman   Comments (0)

We are proud to announce the availability of WebApp 2.1.0! Earlier this month the RC package has been released. Thank you all for testing and for providing feedback – the issues you reported have been resolved. This new version of WebApp introduces a massive amount of new features, most of which are based on feedback by you all: customers, partners and the community.

What changed since WebApp 2.0?

A lót of new features and improvements made their way into the WebApp 2.1 package. If you’ve been testing the beta and/or RC package you may already have some experience with them. If you’re coming from WebApp 2.0 there are quite some things in store for you. These are some of the highlights:

Infinite scroll
No more clicking the pagination menu to get to your email! You can now keep scrolling through all items in your folders, and WebApp will load the next ‘batch’ of items as you move towards the bottom of the list. Prefer the paging method? Don’t worry, you can still switch back via your personal settings.

Advanced search
ZCP 7.2 introduced the brand-new search plus, which provides enhanced indexing and searching options. With the new search toolbox in WebApp you can search through everything in your inbox at once: subfolders, different types of items (email, calendar, contacts or tasks) – everything is available at the press of a button.

Power paste
We’ve improved the support for retaining formatting when pasting content from another application (such as Word, PDF and webpages). The power paste plugin is included in the release packages. This plugin takes care of a clean import of content from other applications, while retaining as much formatting as possible, including, but not limited to fonts, sizes, colors, tables and images. This feature currently works best in Chrome and Internet Explorer, we will continue to improve it in future versions.

Delayed delivery
Timing can be very important when sending out an email. The delayed delivery feature allows a user to ‘schedule’ an email for delivery at a later time. As long as the message has not been sent, it can be modified (or cancelled) from the user outbox.

‘Send as new’
You can now re-send a previously sent email directly from your sent items folder. Select a message and click ‘Edit as new’ from the context menu – WebApp will open a new email with the exact content of that message: recipients, subject, attachments and message content.

Signature templating from user directory
A lot of organizations keep their user directory up to date with all the latest user details. This new version of WebApp can use the information in your user directory to generate a signature for the user on the fly. Details and a list of variables can be found in our documentation.


  • Creating tasks from emails
  • Save color for each calendar
  • Contacts with configurable titles and suffixes
  • Create folders from copy/move
  • Improved handling of inline images and quote marking
  • Prevent accidental navigation away from WebApp
  • Server side spellchecking
  • Expanding distribution lists

Getting the packages

Would you like to get the packages? Download them here. Note that plugins will need to be updated separately. The release notes can be found using this link.

What do you think?

We are curious about your experiences with these new features. We strive to improve the usability of WebApp with every release – something we can only do if we know what you would like to see. Do they help you in your daily work? What would further improve your experience with WebApp? You could provide us with feedback by joining one of our testing groups. To do so contact your account manager or let us know on the forum.