7.2.1 RC2 is available for download

September 11, 2015 by Suyi  

Today we make ZCP 7.2.1 RC2 available. This release only contains a few bug fixes compared to RC1. Click here to view the whole changelog.

There are some installation notes to take into account when upgrading;

Upgrading from 7.1 to this release
If you upgrade your system from 7.1 to this release, you may notice that the zarafa-admin utility may not function accordingly, this is due to a bug in bash, opening a new terminal resolves this issue.

Debian - changes in location of ZCP utilities
Since RC1 we have changed the location of our ZCP utilities. Due to this change, administrators on Debian based systems are required to execute the following command to upgrade their system: 

dpkg --auto-deconfigure -i *.deb

RHEL-based upgrade
Due to an error in 7.2.0 final on RHEL based systems, administrators will experience issues when upgrading from the 7.2.0 final. One might notice the following line when upgrading from the 7.2.0 final:

Error in PREUN scriptlet in rpm package
zarafa-server- was
supposed to be removed but is not!

This error will appear for multiple ZCP components.

The administrator need to execute the following command to remove the zarafa-server from his system (please make sure to back up your config files). 

rpm -e --noscripts zarafa-server

Please repeat this step for the ZCP components that cannot be removed from the system.

Zarafa-search process permissions
We have received a lot of feedback from users who currently want to run the zarafa-search daemon under a non-root user. To make this change would require a rather invasive change from ZCP side, which we do not tend to make while we are in our stabilization phase. We expect to solve this with the first release of ZCP 7.2.2.

Where can I download the new RC2 of 7.2.1?
If you are an existing customer then you can head over to our portal for the binary packages.
The community download page will also be updated with the open source versions, both binary packages and source code. In the future, our tested binaries will be a commercial service to our paying customers who have an active subscription. If you want to know more about the background of our decision, please read the following announcement we have posted recently.

We are happy to receive your feedback
Of course we are looking forward to receiving your feedback! So if you have any thoughts or experiences you want to share with his, please post then in this forum thread.