Zarafa Web Meetings 1.1 Beta

August 25, 2015 by Joost   Comments (0)

Building on the core of Zarafa Web Meetings 1.0, we are releasing the first Beta of Zarafa Web Meetings 1.1, which will include new features, bug-fixes and compatibility with the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers.


What is new?

External invitations.

Version 1.1 will allow you to invite anyone to a web meeting. While creating an email or appointment, simply clicking 'Add web meeting' will create a secure link to a meeting room for all the invitees. No addons. No plugins. Anyone with the latest Chrome or Firefox can join the meeting.

Dedicated windows

Zarafa Web Meetings is no longer confined to the Webapp, but can be used in separate tabs/windows. Users can now disable the plugin in the Webapp and go to a separate tab or window for web meetings.




  • Set up your Zarafa server

  • Build the Spreed WebRTC following the guide on github

  • Compile Zarafa-WebApp and the Web Meetings-plugin.

  1. Unpack the WebApp package

  2. Unpack the plugin package and move the spreedwebrtc folder to webapp-<version>/plugins/

  3. Open the directory webapp-<version>/

  4. Run: ant tools

  5. Open plugins/spreedwebrtc/

  6. Run: ant deploy

  7. Open webapp-<version>/deploy/plugins/

  8. Copy the spreedwebrtc folder to your plugin-directory of WebApp

  9. Rename config.php.dist to config.php (see the administrator manual for details on the configuration of this file)

  • Follow the administrator manual to learn more about configuring your setup.

  • Enjoy your Web Meetings!


Feedback and help

If you have feedback or any questions, please reply in this forum-thread.