7.2.1 RC1 is available now

August 5, 2015 by Suyi  


Today we make the next release of ZCP 7.2.1 available, the ZCP7.2.1 RC1.
This RC release of ZCP 7.2.1 contains a lot of bug fixes which were reported by the ZCP 7.2.1 beta testers. We very much appreciate your feedback!
Last April, Zarafa was participating in the DebianGroupwaremeeting. Several packaging changes have been made based on feedback from the Debian community. This release also addressessecurity issue listed under CVE(CVE-2015-3436).

Changes to location of ZCP utilities

With this RC release we have decided to move our ZCP-utilitiesover to /usr/sbin/. Before these utilities were in /usr/bin/. Due to a bug in bash, this can have the effect that if a system is upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2, zarafa-admin cannot be executed because it can no longer be found. 
Opening a new terminal does resolve this issue; it appears to be abug in bash. This issue does not affect installations already running7.2.1 beta releases.

Zarafa-search file permissions

With this announcement we would also like to address thepermission issue of the new zarafa-search. We have closed the ticketas “won't fix” as the administrator himself needs to correctly set the permissions on the files. More specific details can be found in the ticket: ZCP-13159.
Besides these changes, we have made tons of other fixes, which are listed in the change log.

Where can I download the new RC1 of 7.2.1?

If you are an existing customer then you can head over to our portal for the binary packages.
The community download page will also be updated with the opensource versions, both binary packages and source code. In the future,our tested binaries will be a commercial service to our paying customers who have an active subscription. If you want to know more about the background of our decision, please read the following announcement we have posted recently.

We are happy to receive your feedback
Of course we are looking forward to receiving your feedback! So if you have any thoughts or experiences you want to share with his, please post then in this forum thread.