July 23, 2015 by Suyi  

Hi Community,

Yes, today it is time for yet another final release! As you may have noticed over the last few weeks, we have been working towards the official release of 7.1.13. From this moment, the final release of 7.1.13 is sitting on our download servers.

What’s new since RC2?

We have decided to introduce one minor change compared to 7.1.13 RC2 after we were in touch with community members and partners. This change only affects users on Ubuntu 14.04.

The roadmap to 7.1.13 FINAL

For everyone that missed the RC1 release, check out the change log for the tickets that were solved in RC1.
After feedback from users, we released a RC2. You will find the resolved tickets in this change log.
As mentioned, in 7.1.13 FINAL we only resolve one ticket specifically for WebAccess users on Ubuntu 14.04.
Do you want to know more about every little detail of this latest ZCP installment? Go check out the complete change log.
One last note: since there is no code change has been which affects other distributions, the 7.1.13 RC2 will also be supported as a final.

How to get your hands on this release?

You can head over to our portal for the compiled packages if you have an active commercial subscription. Meanwhile we will also update the community download page with the open source components, both compiled packages and the source.
In the future, our tested binaries will be a commercial service to our commercial customers with an active subscription. If you want to know more about the background of our decision, please we have posted recently.

Where can I post my feedback?

Of course we are looking forward to receive your feedback, so if you have any, please post your thoughts, experiences or ideas in this forum thread