Important update for everyone using auto-update on the Zarafa OL client

July 20, 2015 by Suyi  



With the release of the new zarafa-client (released last week), we received several reports that users were having issues with the upgrade process of the 7.1 version of the Zarafa Windows client. This has made us look into the situation.


After investigation we found that the issue was introduced with the previous client release (7.1.13-50732), and the issue only pops-up at customers who are using the auto-update feature of the Zarafa Client. Installations of the 7.2.x clients and manual installations of version 7.1 clients were not affected.


The client we release today resolves the issue for customers using auto-update to update the Zarafa Client. The update installs automatically when a user reboots his or her client. So far we’ve only received positive feedback from the pre-release test while the change that was required to resolve this issue was a rather big one compared.


What was happening in the old client?

After investigating, we came to the conclusion that this issue resides in the old client (7.1.13-50732). The issue only occurs when the auto-update feature of the client is enabled because in that case the old client cannot be uninstalled.

Manually uninstalling the old client and installing the new client does work. Even though the 7.2 clients were not affected, we will include the changes there as well as a precaution for future updates.


Where to get the new clients?

Customers with active subscriptions can get the client in the Zarafa portal. The Zarafa for Home owners can also login into to the portal to get the latest client.


Should you experience issues with the new client, post it in this thread!