New WebApp package available

September 6, 2011 by Milo Oostergo   Comments (4)

Today we published a new WebApp package on This release includes many improvements for meeting requests, resource booking and related things.

For this release there are some fixes available in the php-mapi extension. This fixes will be available in the upcoming 7.0.2 and 6.40.12.

I noticed something: it is impossible to drag an e-mail into a folder (f.i. from inbox to subfolder)

Wouter Lagendijk 3419 days ago

That's indeed correct. A lot of features of the old webaccess still need to be implement, so also drag&drop support. 

When you now want to move emails to support folders you should use the copy/move dialog after you have selected the email.

Milo Oostergo 3419 days ago

Really nice. While moving our internal instance to 7.0.2 beta1, I thought I might as well update the test instance of the new webapp. Really nice, I really like the looks. 

Felix Kronlage 3410 days ago

Hello, i just tested the WebApp on the tip from Felix Kronlage on the OpenRheinRuhr, and i must say it looks really nice. I will test it a few weeks to give some deeper feedback.

Soehnke 3352 days ago