ZCP 7.1.13 RC2 is available

July 15, 2015 by Suyi  


We are going to make the latest 7.1.13 release available today. This second release candidate (RC2) introduces a few minor changes compared to RC1.

First things first: a big thank you

We have been testing the 7.1.13 intensively with a big group of people including community users and customers. We would like to thank everybody that participated and provided us with feedback. We’re sure this will only help to make our software awesome ;).

What’s new?!

This release fixes three issues:

ZCP-13439 - umlauts broken with 7.1.13 RC1

ZCP-13424 - zarafa-server freezes after ECFileAttachment::LoadAttachmentInstance

ZCP-13473 - zarafa-dagent cannot deliver all mails


The last one on the list only came to light while pre-testing the RC2. Users who were not involved in pre-testing the release should not experience this issue.


You can view this document to see all changes.

Where do I download this release?

To download the compiled binaries, you can access our portal, to view the source, you can access our community download page. If you are interested in the background story, please read the following announcement we have posted recently.