New Zarafa clients available for Updates KB2965291 and KB3039799 (12th May 2015)

May 13, 2015 by Suyi  

Dear customers, partners and community,

Hereby an update for the Zarafa client which restores the collaboration feature just released less than 5 hours ago.

Microsoft updated Outlook 2010 which disabled our collaboration features (shared calendar and contact ribbon of public folder addressbook). With this new client, we restore these features.
Outlook 2013 was updated from Microsoft as well, but with the new auto-detection technique introduced an update is not required to restore functionality - but is still recommended for future updates. 

Affected versions:
- OL2010 - KB2965291 - 14.0.7149.5000
- OL2013 - KB3039799 - 15.0.4719.1001 (2013), not required - but recommended

The new client is made available for Zarafa for Home and commercial Zarafa customers via the following links (portal account required):

Should you enter into any issues which we have not encountered in any of our QA systems, please let us know - we are glad to help.

- Suyi