A change in the availability of Zarafa MAPI client

May 4, 2015 by Suyi  

Hi community,

Last week Felix already posted a blog about the important role of you, the community, in Zarafa's new business model. In the blog post we announced that we want to make a clear distinction between closed and open source software. The open source software can be downloaded from our community hub. In this follow-up post you can read what will change for the community regarding the download of the Zarafa MAPI client and zarafa-licensed.

How does this change impact downloads of the Zarafa MAPI client?
From the first of May we will no longer post closed source software on our community website.

In essential this would mean that our Zarafa MAPI client will no longer be available nor updated on our community hub. But in return, Zarafa offers every community user the possibility to purchase a 'Zarafa for home' package for 0 EUR. Zarafa for home contains all the ZCP open source components compiled with two closed source components, which are:
Zarafa MAPI client for Outlook
zarafa-licensed; is used to validate if you can make use of Zarafa Outlook MAPI client

This is a transition offer while we are moving to a new Zarafa world in which we will strive to a complete open source stack.

Ready to order?
Every community user can now create a Zarafa portal account and order the Zarafa for Home package. See this blog post for instruction on how to order Zarafa for Home.

After you’ve finished your order, you will receive access to the client and Zarafa licensed until 1 May 2016.

Can I also access downloads by just creating a portal account?
No, you can’t. We kindly ask you to 1) create an account and 2) make an order. If you don’t order, you will not be able to access the Zarafa for Home downloads in the future.

We are also actively working together with several Linux distributions to have the Zarafa software included in their repositories so you can easily install and update your software. If you would like to maintain packages for your favourite Linux distribution let us know now!

If you have any question regarding this change, please leave them in the comment section here and we are happy to address them.

The Zarafa Team