S/MIME public beta now available!

April 16, 2015 by m.alberts  

The first S/MIME public beta is here

Dear community, partners and friends,

It is time for another (beta) release! In the past couple of months we have shown you more and more details about the S/MIME implementation for WebApp, and we are happy to announce the first public beta of this WebApp plugin package.

What is in this package?

The S/MIME plugin for WebApp is an easy to use tool that helps the user secure email with minimal effort. It provides message signing for sender and content authentication and encryption for privacy which can be activated at the click of a button. Public certificates are automatically imported from incoming signed email messages and can be used to encrypt outgoing email messages on demand.

You can check out more details on this product page. On this page you will read how the S/MIME plugin helps users to share information easy but yet secure!

New in this open BETA: the certificate manager!

If you are familiar with the first private beta packages you have already been using this functionality. This new version introduces the certificate manager: a user friendly tool to check and delete the certificates that have been imported for you.

We need your feedback!

Our S/MIME beta test group provided us with useful input and certificate examples after the first (closed) beta packages became available. The feedback has allowed us to provide you with a better S/MIME experience. We were also able to add extensive support for different certificate types.

Now that we’ve introduced the new certificate manager and released this public beta package we’re looking forward to more feedback! Questions about the certificate manager or having an issue with a specific type of certificate? Let us know so we can improve.

Have you been using the earlier beta packages?

With the introduction of the certificate manager we have also changed the way certificates are stored and handled in the background. If you’ve been part of the beta test group and want to use the certificate manager, you will need to clear out the certificate cache and re-import your own private certificate.

Getting the package

You can grab this beta release here.