pam_mapi supports Zarafa 7.2

March 21, 2015 by Robert Scheck   Comments (0)

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I am happy to announce that my pam_mapi supports Zarafa 7.2 starting with version 0.2.1. At the same time I am very sorry that this update did not happen before the final release but Zarafa unfortunately broke their own rules for compliance for integrations (mentioned on their old website) by simply not publishing a release candidate (RC) of Zarafa 7.2 but directly the final after the second beta (and no, beta and release candidate are definately not the same).

Some frequently asked questions since the release of Zarafa 7.2 that are related to pam_mapi:

  • Issue: The "undefined symbol: _Z15HrOpenECSessionPP12IMAPISessionPKwS3_PKcjS5_S5_S5_" message is shown if pam_mapi was built using Zarafa < 7.2.0 but is used with Zarafa >= 7.2.0 (e.g. after a Zarafa update). The Zarafa 7.2.0 beta 2 introduces an API and ABI incompatibility which can not be catched by packaging mechanisms in RPM and DEB due a missing change of the soname version in Zarafa.
    Upgrade to pam_mapi 0.2.1
  • Issue: "M4LMsgServiceAdmin::ConfigureMsgService() MSGServiceEntry failed 80040111" is shown or gets written to the logs if a MAPI login fails. This message is part of the new logging mechanism in Zarafa >= 7.2.0 and is unfortunately directly thrown by the libmapi library and can't (yet?) be avoided without changing the libmapi library itself.
    Solution: Contact the Zarafa support (and ask them to make this mechanism configurable)

In case you experience other issues with pam_mapi related to Zarafa (or other questions come up), please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.