Grab your ZCP 7.2 BETA2!

February 10, 2015 by Suyi  

Dear community members,

Today we would like to make BETA2 of ZCP 7.2 available to the public. The highlights of this release are:
1. Support for additional SSL settings. These allow administrators to secure their environment to their needs.
2. We upgraded many of our libraries like gSOAP, libical and gperftools. 
3. We have introduced improvements in our search backend (named ‘Zarafa Search Plus’). The speed of the incremental index process benefits from these improvements. Before you can take advantage of the new backend, we ask you to remove the existing search index files first.
4. Zarafa Client: many bug reports resolved. All known issues reported in forums should now be solved.
5. Zarafa Client: MariaDB as the backend engine. We see performance and stability improvements on our test systems. Please note: Zarafa clients using the Offline Mode require a full resynchronization. We recommend creating a new profile for these clients.

Your attention please, pre-installation actions are needed!
1.Edit the server.cfg file
With the updated SSL-settings, there is a minimal requirement to have this set in the server.cfg or otherwise the zarafa-server won’t start if you have SSL enabled. Please add the following three lines into the server.cfg when upgrading to ZCP 7.2.0 beta 2.
server_ssl_protocols = !SSLv2 
server_ssl_ciphers = ALL:!LOW:!SSLv2:!EXP:!aNULL
server_ssl_prefer_server_ciphers = yes

2.Remove old index files
Incremental indexes are going to be faster in the future. Before you can take advantage of the new backend, we ask you to remove the existing search index files first. We always advise you to schedule such maintenance outside business hours if possible. The indexing process won’t have too much performance impact of the server, but rather small set-ups could experience a higher load on the server.

Bundling ‘python-daemon’ and ‘python-lockfile’ in ‘python-zarafa’

In the past, we depended on python-lockfile and python-daemon. Due to an API change in these two dependencies and the fact that these files are not always available in every distribution, we have decided to bundle the necessary code from these two dependencies in python-zarafa. The benefit is also that the packages from ZCP 7.2 beta1 are not required anymore.

What has been changed and where do I get the goods?
To download the beta, you can visit this page. To see what has been changed, you can take a look over here.

Dev and QA teams