Minor update for WebApp: 2.0.1

February 6, 2015 by Suyi  

Good afternoon everyone,

This minor updates fixes issue WA-7510. This issue can cause a high load on the server. It will only arise when you did not install any plugins. In that case, WebApp will constantly search for plugins, causing the high server load.
It goes without saying that you most likely won’t experience this issue when you are already using one of the plugins (for example, Zarafa Files).

Detailed info and thank you!
This issue has been identified by our partner bitbone AG. They have submitted a patch for this issue. You can find more info in this ticket.

Where to get it
As usual, you can grab the latest version over here: https://download.zarafa.com/community/final/WebApp/2.0.1/

Install instructions
Unfortunately the previous final of WebApp has been released as 2.0.47678 instead of This means the package manager will notify you that the package you try to install is older as this release is 

Please follow the instructions below to bypass this restriction.

Debian based systems

dpkg -i *.deb

Debian based system will notify you, but won't prevent you from install the package.
RHEL based systems

rpm -Uvh --oldpackage *.rpm

RHEL based systems are a bit stricter and you need to add '--oldpackage' parameter to lift the restriction.

Team Zarafa WebApp