WebApp 2.0 Final release now available!

January 27, 2015 by Bob Huisman  

Dear community, partner and friends,


After numerous BETA’s and a release candidate, we finally can announce the the arrival of WebApp 2.0 FINAL! Read along to find out every little detail about the next step in WebApp development.


What’s new since the RC1?


If you’ve tried the latest release candidate, you may already be familiar with some of the new features and improvements. The fixes in regard to Internet Explorer compatibility that were made between BETA2 and RC1 were received with enthusiasm, in the period between the RC1 and the final no reports of critical issues problems have been brought to our attention. We decided to make the RC1 final with one minor addition, a fix regarding inline images in replied messages. 


What is new since WebApp 1.6?

If you have not been able to test-drive one of the two beta releases or the release candidate, you’re up for a treat. A quick tour of the highlights:


HTML Editor

WebApp 2.0 has an all-new HTML editor. We have switched to TinyMCE 4 (actually, version 4.1.7), which means a better user experience and an improved email layout. The toolbar skin is now more in line with the overall WebApp skin.


Improved plugin support

WebApp already supported plugins. Version 2.0 brings integration options to a higher level and has support for tighter integration with WebApp features. New extensions & plugins have been developed and are currently in the (closed) beta state. Keep an eye open for announcements on the S/MIME, Zarafa Files Team and web meetings extensions.


Files plugin for individual usage

This plugin enables the access to files in WebApp. A user can now work with his files wherever he goes. This first version features basic functionality. ownCloud backends and any other default WebDAV backend are supported.



Many bugs have been found –and fixed. The full list can be found in the changelog. The majority of bugs were related to the implementation of the new HTML editor, especially formatting problems. We were able to tackle all known issues.


How to get it

You can grab the final version here. The source is now also available in the same directory.


Known issues

There are still some known issues that could cause annoyance. When it comes to the HTML editor, we sometimes depend on browser vendors to correctly support editor features. For example, one of the issues is that merging of lines does not work correctly in the Chrome/Chromium browser. However, the Chrome development team needs to address this issue. It’s already reported: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=445496

We are working together with these partners to get issues resolved as soon as we can.


It’s a wrap!

We would like to thank you once again for your feedback, it helps us improve continuously! Please drop your feedback in this forum topic.