A holiday release: ZWS Alpha 3

December 23, 2014 by Suyi  

Just before holiday season kicks off, we have made ZWS for ZCP 7.2 available in our portal. ZWS is available to all European organizations using ZCP.


With this new release, we do provide support for free/busy information for Mac Os X (Calendar and MS Outlook 2011 for Mac). In addition to support for free/busy information, the next step is to bring support for meeting requests. With Outlook 2011, you will notice that accepting a meeting request is now possible, although some related functionalities may not function yet.

This being said, we would like to emphasize that ZWS is still in alpha stage and we do not recommend using it in a production environment.


How to download this release?

The release is available to all European organizations as mentioned above. You will find the packages at its regular spot in the portal.


You do not have access to the portal?

Please email us at marketing [at] zarafa.com and we will get back you.


For now, have a rocking holiday time! Check this page to find out what some of our team members are doing over the holiday.

The QA Team