ZCP 7.2 beta 1 is available!

December 8, 2014 by Suyi  

Dear friends, partners and community of Zarafa,

Today we are proud to announce the release of 7.2.0 beta 1. With this beta 1 we would like to give everyone a sneak peek into our next major release. 

What can you expect?

With this new release, we introduce new key features and major changes, such as:

- A completely rewritten zarafa-search, now called zarafa-search-plus.
We wanted to tweak our search performance, especially in larger environments. With this goal in mind, we decided to rewrite the whole code from scratch. You can find out more in our detailed blog post from April. 

- Component stack upgrade of nearly all components used with ZCP 
Zarafa uses industry-standard open source components such as OpenSSL and gSOAP. Over time, many components have changed behaviour and have not been compatible to Zarafa in certain areas. This new ZCP 7.2 is using recent versions of these open source components, and internal tests have shown us performance improvements of up to 22% in combination with the changes made to our codebase. 

- First version to include WebApp 2.0 (currently in beta3) and Z-Files out-of-the-box.
With WebApp 2.0 we enhance the user experience with the use of our new HTML Editor component. With this, compatibility to HTML e-mails gains the next level of usability. Additionally, with Z-Files, WebApp users are enabled to manage their files easily from one interface using a standard WebDAV backend.

- Includes new, simplified python-zarafa interface.
With python-zarafa we drastically simplify the way of interfacing ZCP, This lowers the barriers for developers to interface ZCP or to extend the functionality of ZCP. Python-zarafa is designed in a way that enables devs to work with Zarafa without in-depth knowledge of MAPI.

- New distributions supported.
With the release of 7.2 we support new major distributions such as RHEL 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and SLES 12 (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server). 

Don’t fear the migration!
We understand your needs of very low downtime for communication-sensitive environments. This upgrade to 7.2 will not require any downtime except for the upgrade of the packages themselves. Please keep in mind that your index needs to be re-created to take full advantage of the new search backend. Luckily, this can be done while the live system is running.

The 7.2 is the foundation for new components
We are proud to make this release the new foundation for many new components of Zarafa that will show up in the near and far future. Examples of these are Zarafa web meetings powered by WebRTC and S/MIME for WebApp (demonstrated at our Zarafa Tour in October).

A complete overview of all changes
We would like to refer you to the changelog if you want to do a deep dive on ZCP 7.2.

Where can I download 7.2.0 beta 1
On our download section of course image

The road to a final 7.2 release
As this is a major release, there is still some polishing work to be done until our final release. We are currently working on:
- Getting documentation (manuals, etc.) finalized for the upcoming final release
- Integrating certain SSL setting enhancements with ZCP
- Integrating the latest translations to our final release
- Providing repositories for all distributions (available to customers with subscriptions) 
- Finalizing enhancements made to the Outlook client
Please note this is a beta release, so we do not encourage you to run it on production systems. As with every release, we welcome any feedback - feel free to contact us at any time.

[email protected]