Maintenance release: 7.1.11 final R1

September 4, 2014 by Suyi  

We want to address two blocking issues that have been reported by the community. We have decided to release now because we didn’t want to wait on the 7.2 release.


Which issues have been resolved?

The first issue is related to RPM-based systems. Administrators have noted that they weren’t able to install WebAccess on their systems. Unfortunately, a patch from the community caused this bug. We have corrected the patch to work with RPM-based systems.


Please keep in mind: we don’t actively support WebAccess at this moment. So, these patches are only provided on a best-effort basis.


In addition some specific issues with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS have been tackled. Firstly, we have resolved issues related to the script. Secondly, users also reported that zarafa-search appears to be crashing at startup (only in in Ubuntu 14.04). This revision fixes this issue.


Extra installation instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 administrators:

WebApp (and WebAccess) are not accessible after installation due incomplete configuration. Please review this JIRA ticket to see what you need to do:


Get an overview of resolved tickets

The change log has been updated to give you an overview of which tickets have been included in this release. Check it out here.


Download links

To download this final release, please visit our download section.


Suyi Guo

Zarafa QA