7.1.11 FINAL is now up for download

August 26, 2014 by Suyi  

Greetings community,

In preparation for the upcoming Zarafa Tour, we have managed to squeeze in one final release. The 7.1.11 is considered to be a maintenance release.

What’s new in this final

With this 7.1.11 final release, we have addressed a few issues and segfaults in zarafa-search. Even though we will be introducing a new zarafa-search during the Zarafa Tour, we have fixed the former search issues that have been reported by customers and partners.

Check out the change log

To get an overview of all the changes that has been committed into this final, please see the changelog.

Where to get it?

To download the final, you can visit this page.

Hope to you see at our Zarafa tour!



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