Patched BETA clients for pulled MS Outlook updates

August 19, 2014 by Suyi  

Dear community,

Microsoft released updates for Outlook 2013 on Monday. However, they also decided to pull the updates from their download servers after a couple of hours. Unfortunately some users have already installed this update. The updates especially seem to affect German customers.

Normally this should have been caught by our autopatcher, but the patch is quite different from other updates in the past. 

Pay close attention: no action is needed from your side if your Outlook 2013 updates did not auto-update to 15.0.4641.1001 on Monday.

Testing procedures
We have patched the Zarafa client manually. Customers and partners in Germany have verified that the clients work for them. However, we could not fully test the update ourselves becayse we did not receive the MS updates. 

This has brought us in a devil’s dilemma. We have chosen to distribute this client anyway because we get signals from customers that complete Outlook compatibility is first priority. In this way, any Zarafa administrator is able to check if the client works in their use case. We have been in close contact with partners and results are solely positive.

BETA warning and your feedback
Please take in consideration that these clients are BETA’s and we hope to receive feedback from you. Did your Outlook 2013 update automatically? And you have lost your shared calendar features? Please download the client and verify for yourself if it works FOR YOU. We highly appreciate it if you provide us with positive and negative input in this thread.

You can download the new client from our directory:

Zarafa QA

PS. Please take note: Outlook 2010 does not seem to be affected.