Get your BETA2 of WebApp 1.6 (with a crucial fix!)

July 3, 2014 by Suyi  

Hi partners and friends,

Here is a short update from our side regarding the WebApp 1.6 BETA. As you may know, it was released two weeks ago. We thank the community members that have sent us feedback and input.

Some unpleasant bugs have come to our attention. With this second BETA release we want to address these issues:


  • When using the new HTML-editor (TinyMCE), [enters] are removed in your email (WA-6813).

In addition, we came across several issues during testing which were related to the fix above. We managed to fix most of them, except for WA-6849. This issue is in the TinyMCE-editor itself and we hope to fix this within the next release. 

How to get it

You can grab the latest version of the WebApp here.

Thanks again for your feedback. We are able to tackle these issues much quicker due your efforts.

Kind regards,

Zarafa Q&A


PS: our Jira system is currenrtly being updated and will be available later.