7.1.9 RC1 freshly baked

March 24, 2014 by Suyi  

Good afternoon community,

Today, we would like to treat you to a new release. We are currently working on the maintenance release 7.1.9. This RC is the next step to a final release. We hope to get some feedback from you in the coming days because this will improve overall quality, for sure.

What you can expect in this RC1

We pointed out in our recent BETA announcement that several Zarafa-search issues would be addressed in the next release. One example is the attachment parser. This parser did not work properly in some scenarios, for example when the file extension (of the file in the attachment) was written in capital letters. We have fixed this issue.

Important fixes include:

As usual, you can find detailed information in the JIRA issues. I have linked the most important resolved issues below.

  • ZCP-12136: Search in attachments with capital letters in filename extension
  • ZCP-12137: Search does not index html attachments

In addition these issues, we have also managed to solve a problem with Z-Push causing a high CPU-load. This problem could occur when a large amount of mobile users are active at the same time. The issue was not easy to trace as the culprit was hiding in one of our core components. We worked closely together with one of our partners on resolving this issue; many thanks there!

For a complete list of changes in this release, go to our change log directory and find out more. 

What's next?

As we are moving towards a final release, we are now committed to resolving issues reported by customers. We do not expect to introduce new features in the next 7.1.9 release.

How to get it?

Get this release by downloading the community version here or download the official supported packages in the partner portal.

Your feedback is appreciated. Please use the official forum topic for that.

Kind regards,


Zarafa QA