7.1.9 BETA1 up for download

March 12, 2014 by Suyi  

Good afternoon community,
I'm happy to bring you the news about the immediate availability of 7.1.9 BETA1. This first BETA is a maintenance release in the ZCP 7.1 stack.
What's in it?
Since there were already a significant number of changes, we decided to push out an early beta release to give you the opportunity to test it in your own testing environment.
Important fixes include:
ZCP-12051: Profile pictures will now be displayed in the global address book. 
ZCP-12096: Re-enables advanced collaboration features in Outlook 2013 after updating to Service Pack 1 
ZCP-11942: Free&busy information works correctly for single and multi-company setups.
Next to that, this release also features a few minor fixes for zarafa-dagent. Last but not least, it is also now possible to use enable debugging by using the --enable-debug during the build, which makes troubleshooting of the MAPI layer much easier.
You can read the release notes here for a complete overview of this release.

What's next?

Customer feedback has shown improvements can be made to the existing Zarafa search. As you probably know, the issues related to search are complex and touch some sensitive areas of the code. We want to test changes thoroughly (including soak tests) before including it in any release. And that is why the next release will be dedicated to search issues.
How to get it?
Get this release by downloading the community version here. Or download the official supported packages in the partner portal.
Your feedback is appreciated. Please use the official forum topic for that.

Kind regards,
Suyi Guo
On behalf of the complete Zarafa Team