Urgent issues fixed in ZCP 7.1.8 r1

February 20, 2014 by Suyi  

Hi community,
Today I come to you with important news with respect to the 7.1.8 release. We are pleased with the feedback on the latest ZCP release in the last week. Partners and customers identified various issues. We have labeled some of those issues as high priority. We came to the conclusion these issues need an urgent fix. That’s why we now release a revision of this 7.1.8.

Which issues are fixed?

The original 7.1.8 unfortunately introduced a nasty bug in Zarafa search. Some partners and customers experienced this bug in updated Zarafa installations. You can find the ticket in JIRA:

We have another urgent fix to this release:

Like everyone in the Zarafa team I’m saddened that these bugs could slip through. Every release is tested extensive by our QA team. The upside is we could resolve the issues quickly. We’ve followed every step including testing. We confirmed the fixes with affected partners.

Important: extra installation instruction

You will need to take extra steps after installation of the ZCP 7.1.8 revision 1. The index files should be re-indexed. You can achieve this by removing the current index files. After that, please let the Zarafa-search process rebuild the index files again.

Please take into account that re-indexing these files can take a while and may affect your server, so be advised!

How to get it

You have two ways to access the release. It’s up to you: download it from the community  or from the partner portal. We would like to remind you that every question is welcome. You can use the forums for that. So, please get back to us if you need additional help.
Kind regards,

Team QA