ZCP 7.1.8 FINAL has been shipped!

January 30, 2014 by Kiffin  


Hello community,

May I have a couple minutes of your time? I would like to show you our latest and final 7.1.8 release. The few minor wrinkles in the last couple of release candidates have been carefully ironed out. The final stamp of approval by the QA team means that we may proceed with the launch of ZCP.


The highlights of 7.1.8

The release candidate was released last week. This RC was the foundation for this release, of course. You can read the blog to find out what you will find in the final version released today. The 7.1.8 is a maintenance release and we redesigned our S/MIME implementation.

We were able to tackle a huge number of issues in the backlog to due a multi-day hackathon in the Dutch office. This was a great experience that we have recorded in this blog post.

What’s new in comparison to the RC?

In addition to the planned fixes, we decided to include two low impact changes we felt were quick wins. You can find the detailed information in these two tickets: ZCP-12003 and ZCP-11859.


How to get it

You have two ways to access the release. It’s up to you: download it in the community or in the partner portal.  We would like to remind you that every question is welcome. You can use the forums for that. So, please get back to us if you need additional help.


Thank you!

Big thanks go out to the customers and partners who provided feedback on the BETA’s and RC of the 7.1.8. We remain eager to hear your feedback and as always will help you the best we can. You can use the forums to drop a note.


Enjoy this release and have a nice day,

Kiffin Gish

Development and Release Manager


P.S. It should also be noted that the planned fix (ZCP-12007) for stripping out single-quotes from email addresses will not be in this release. The required soak testing needed to ensure validity of the solution would take longer than the deadline allowed. This in itself did not justify delaying the final. It’s on our list for the next release.