ZCP 7.1.8 RC release notification

January 23, 2014 by Suyi  

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Good afternoon partners, customers and friends,

Let me start off by wishing you a happy new year on behalf of everybody at Zarafa. Next on my list: the release candidate of 7.1.8. I would like to show you what you can expect in this successor of the BETA3 (that was released at the end of last year). If you just want to get going, use your ultra-fast reading skills and scroll to the bottom for the download links.


The redesign of the S/MIME implementation

As you could have already read in our last release blog, in 7.1.8 we’ve redesigned the S/MIME implementation. In this release we have fixed issues in regard to the new implementation. For example, users who sign and send messages with umlaut characters to our WebApp should notice an improvement.

Get a hold of the whole list with changes by visiting this page.


Logging extended and more consistent

Administrators and engineers at Zarafa customers and partners have been asking for more detailed information in the log files to monitor the delivery of email.


How to get it

You have two ways to access the release. It’s up to you: download it in the community or in the partner portal.  We would like to remind you that every question is welcome. You can use the forums for that. So, please get back to us if you need additional help.

Kind regards,


Zarafa QA