WebApp 1.5 goes FINAL!

January 23, 2014 by Sean   Comments (0)

Dear partners, customers and friends,

I’m happy to inform you about our latest release. We’ve just uploaded the newest packages to the server.  Now you can swing by to get the final version of the WebApp 1.5. What’s new and where can I find it? Please read along and find out.

What’s new

You can find a list of features and improvements for end-users below:


-Save mail as EML
Save your emails to your local hard disk.


New official browser support: Google Chrome 32 and Internet Explorer 10 

You are now encouraged to use and test WebApp in Chrome and IE10 because we officially support it from WebApp 1.5


- Introduction of week numbers

You will now find the week numbers included on your week view and in the day picker (check your calendar tab).


Internal web links and inline images
You can paste images into the body of your email.


Bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes.
We still need to meet the first human that actually likes bugs (software bugs that is). That’s why have also resolved WebApp bugs in this FINAL release.


Two little side notes!!

1. In this new release, keyboard shortcuts are disable by default. The issues of German/Belgium customers are the reason for this decision. However, you can use this script to re-enable shortcuts easily and quickly. Read this blog post for instructions.

2. We’ve extended WebApp with support for S/MIME. However, we keep working on removing some known limitations to using S/MIME in the WebApp:

WA-6219: Limitation to displaying inlined e-mails

WA-6221: Size of attachments is not visible for signed e-mails

You will need the 7.1.8 RC to get access to the S/MIME features. The 7.1.8 FINAL is expected to be released soon.


Where to download

Get your final in the community.


Review change log notes

You can find the WebApp 1.5 FINAL change log here.


Kind regards,


Zarafa QA