Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 beta 3

December 20, 2013 by Suyi   Comments (0)

We have a new BETA just before Christmas. We’ve named it BETA3 (yes, not very original). It was just uploaded to the server and available for download. We are really looking forward to your feedback. Please try this BETA out on your test system and let us know what you think. You can drop your feedback in the forums .

New in this BETA

We have been focusing a lot on S/MIME in this latest beta. With this release we’ve redesigned our S/MIME implementation. The changes regarding S/MIME support in frequently used email clients like WebApp and Outlook have been a challenge for the development team.  Firstly, we are happy to announce that we can support S/MIME for Outlook version from 2007 to 2013. Secondly, with the availability of WebApp 1.5 we’ve also created the foundation for S/MIME support in the web client.

Zarafa Web Service will now also support Python 2.4. This is why RHEL 5 systems can be supported as well from now.

A few other users reported issues are now also solved in this latest beta.

What you can expect: in the WebApp

We also released WebApp 1.5 BETA1 which includes the foundation for S/MIME support in WebApp. From this point, the development of S/MIME support in WebApp is an ongoing process at Zarafa.

We encourage you to use the latest ZCP 7.1.8 BETA3 in combination with WebApp 1.5 BETA1. However, please do take in account that we are already aware of known issues in this BETA of WebApp. Some examples are:


What you can expect: in other mail clients

For Outlook: don’t forget to roll-out the latest Zarafa client (bundled with ZCP) to take advantage of S/MIME support in Outlook.

For WebAccess: users still using the older web client will also receive an update for S/MIME support later. Development is started and you will notice the first changes in the code base.

The complete change log

You can get an overview of each change introduced in BETA 3 in this.

How to get it

You have two ways to access the release. It’s up to you: download it in the community or in the partner portal.  We would like to remind you that every question is welcome. So, please get back to us if you need additional help.

Kind regards,

The Zarafa Team

PS. Why don’t you have a look on our Ultimate Christmas playlist? You can even add your own music to it. Many Zarafians, including myself, have already added many Christmas songs, but we can use your help! ;)