Sabre-Zarafa 0.19 released

May 28, 2013 by Goldengoose   Comments (0)

Sabre-Zarafa is a CardDAV server for Zarafa contacts. It lets you import and edit your Zarafa contacts in CardDAV-aware addressbook managers such as OSX, SoGo Connector, or emClient, and sync them back to Zarafa. By providing a translation layer between MAPI and vCard representations, it lets you share your addressbook data among many applications.

We are pleased to announce the release of Sabre-Zarafa 0.19, which is now available at GitHub. Apart from many code and bug fixes, this version introduces ETag support, which fixes many client issues with OSX's in particular. Synchronising, creating and modifying contacts now all work smoothly. While full compatibility between the MAPI format and the VCard format is not attainable (both formats support fields that the other doesn't), Sabre-Zarafa does a fairly good job of keeping everything in sync.

Development of Sabre-Zarafa is sponsored by Bokxing IT BV.